What is the Bills Mafia?

Well, we won't tell you the full story, you can read that for yourself here. But in essense the Bills Mafia are a bunch of hard core Buffalo Bills fans who love their team. It's a term of endearment that has swept across Bills country, created by the fans, embraced by the players. It basically means we're all a big family.

What it comes down to is, this entire endeavor is about unifying Bills fans across Twitter, Facebook, and the world. As @mgwebs so elegantly put it, #BillsMafia "… alludes to a society of people united for a single purpose who will be ruthless in reaching that goal"

One of the reasons the Ball Burglar loves the Bills Mafia so much is because just like the Ball Burglar, the Bills Mafia has been a grass roots effort of Bills fans, the best fans on the planet!

It's more than a hashtag. It's more than any one person. It's a mindset. A way of life.

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